Our Urgent Care Center Can Provide Incision and Drainage Treatment 

An abscess is a pocket of fluid that collects under the skin in particular areas of the body. Also referred to as carbuncles, cysts and boils, an abscess is often painful, swollen and inflamed. If left untreated, an abscess can develop into complications such as scarring or sepsis. To treat an abscess, you will need a medical professional to create an incision to properly drain the fluid-filled pocket. 

What Causes an Abscess? 

An abscess most often occurs when bacteria is trapped under the skin, leading to an infection. Instead of simply fighting the infection, the body may contain the infection, building a pocket containing the invading pathogens and the white blood cells that are fighting the infection. As dead bacteria and white blood cells build up, the pocket can become large and inflamed. 

Blocked sweat glands, ingrown hairs, and foreign objects such as splinters or needles can lead to the formation of an abscess. Skin conditions, complications such as inflammatory bowel syndrome and diabetes as well as immune system disorders can also cause abscesses. 

How Are Abscesses Treated? 

You can resolve some small abscesses with a hot compress and antibiotics. However, most abscesses will need to be properly drained by a trained medical professional. Do not try to drain an abscess at home. The fluid in these pockets can have more bacteria and pathogens in them. If you drain the affected area at home, you could spread the infection to other areas of your body. A trained member of our medical staff can help prevent such complications. 

How California Urgent Care Center Can Help 

Our trained medical staff can cut into and drain your cyst, boil or abscess. We have the experience to help prevent secondary infections and can properly treat the wound for healing. In cases where the abscess is large, one of our doctors can stuff the wound with sterile gauze to help drainage. 

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