We Have the Tools to Properly Treat Your Severe Cuts 

Not every cut needs a trained physician to treat it. However, large wounds that expose fat, muscle or bone are a different matter. If dirt and debris are not cleaned away, you could contract an infection. Worse, if something is trapped in the wound, surgery may be required. Seek out medical attention if you suffer a laceration as described above. 

How Does Our Urgent Car Facility Treat Your Laceration? 

At California Urgent Care Center, we have experience treating lacerations of various types. We can apply whatever treatment method is necessary based on the injury you have sustained. 

Skin Glue 

Also known as Dermabond, skin glue is often useful for smaller wounds that will not come under tension. It is not suitable for larger wounds. 


Often used for larger straight lacerations, this treatment is fast and effective. However, staples can be uncomfortable and can leave cosmetic blemishes such as scars. 


Sutures are the most common form of treatment for lacerations. Also called stitches, these thin fibers are used to sew up wounds. They can repair deep wounds and leave less scarring than staples. 

What Should I Do if I Suffer a Laceration? 

If the wound will not stop bleeding, or it is in a sensitive place such as the head, neck or abdomen, call 9-1-1 and go to the emergency room. If the wound is less severe and not in a sensitive location, feel free to walk into an urgent care center. At California Urgent Care Center, we will evaluate your injury and help you with the best course of treatment. We are conveniently located in Lodi, Stockton and Manteca, so there is always a center near you. 

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