Do You Need Laboratory Testing in the Lodi, Manteca or Stockton Areas? 

California Urgent Care facilities offer an array of tests to help medical staff find and treat the conditions that may be affecting you. Our facilities can draw specimens for several different types of tests. Depending on the nature of the test, we may be able to analyze your specimen onsite so you can get faster results on site. 

Some of the tests we can provide include: 

  • COVID testing 
  • Drug screening 
  • Sexually transmitted disease screening 
  • Urinalysis 
  • Certain blood work testing (Inquire with our office for specific details) 

Here at California Urgent Care, giving you the treatment you deserve is our top priority. We offer a wide range of medical services that can help keep you and your family healthy. If you want to learn more about the healthcare service available at our facilities, please reach out to the California Urgent Care facility closest to your area. We have facilities in StocktonManteca and Lodi. Please visit our contact page to get the contact information for the center near you. 

Remember, even if we can perform a lab test on site, it may take time to analyze the samples, obtain results and diagnose the problem. Getting in as soon as you can may help shorten your recovery. Book an appointment today! 

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