Are You Experiencing a Burning Sensation When Urinating? 

Let Our Skilled Medical Staff Help 

Urinary tract infection (also known as a UTI or cystitis) is a common and frustrating ailment. It can cause frequent urination and a burning sensation when urinating. Other symptoms include: 

  • Fever and chills 
  • Fatigue 
  • Pressure or pain in the lower back 
  • Cloudy, dark or bloody urine 
  • Strange smelling urine 

What Causes a UTI? 

UTIs are generally caused by bacteria that infect the urethra (the tube that empties urine from the body), the ureters (two tubes that carry urine to the bladder), the kidneys and/or the bladder. In rare situations, viruses, fungi or parasites may also cause a UTI. 

Since women have shorter ureters than men, UTIs are more common in women. However, men can still contract a UTI. A number of conditions can also lead to urinary tract or bladder infections. These conditions include: 

  • Diabetes 
  • Enlarged Prostate 
  • Kidney Stones 
  • Menopause 
  • Pregnancy 
  • Problems Emptying Your Bladder 
  • Incontinence (Bowel Troubles) 
  • Narrowed Urethra 

Surgeries, catheterization and sexual activity can also lead to a UTI. Note that a UTI is not considered a sexually transmitted disease. 

How Hard Is It to Treat a UTI? 

Depending on the type of infection, treating a UTI can be as simple as taking a regimen of antibiotics. However, if the infection is resistant or the infection has lingered too long, other health problems may occur. If you are experiencing any UTI symptoms, you should come to one of our medical facilities for testing and treatment. We have locations in LodiManteca and Stockton. 

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