Eye and Ear Infections

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Eye and ear infections can cause localized and persistent pain. You may also experience discharge from the infected areas. If you are suffering from an eye or ear infection, then you should not wait to receive care. Minor infections can turn into serious ones without treatment. Many urgent care clinics can treat mild to moderate eye and ear infections. We can assess your symptoms and provide a prescription to treat the infection if necessary.

Below, our urgent care clinic discusses some of the most common eye and ear infection symptoms as well as common treatments.

Eye Infection Symptoms

You could experience a number of different symptoms depending on the severity and location of the infection. Possible eye infection symptoms include:

  • Blurry vision
  • A discolored looking sore on the iris
  • Very red or pink eyes
  • Itchiness
  • Discharge or tearing up
  • Pain
  • Photophobia
  • Feeling like something is in your eye

According to the Mayo Clinic, conjunctivitis is a common type of eye condition that may cause redness, itching and discharge. Also called pink eye, conjunctivitis is where the thin membranes surrounding your eyes, the conjunctiva, become inflamed or infected. The condition is often caused by a viral or bacterial infection. However, allergic conjunctivitis may also cause some of the symptoms listed above.

Ear Infection Symptoms

Ear infections may also cause a number of different symptoms. The best way to find out whether you have an ear infection is to see a medical professional. Possible middle ear infection symptoms include:

  • Ear pain when lying down
  • Drainage or fluid from the ear
  • Difficulty hearing

Like with eye infections, ear infections are often caused by viral and bacterial infections in the middle ear. Ear infections often occur after a respiratory infection, such as a cold.

Ear infections can be an emergency medical situation if you have a knot behind your ear, are unable to move parts of your face, develop a sudden high fever, or develop a severe headache or seizures.

Are Eye Infections Contagious?

Yes, they can be. Remember, pathogens such as viruses and bacteria cause some eye infections. These pathogens may spread to other people, sometimes very easily depending on the type of bacterial or viral infection involved. Eye infections caused by allergic reactions are not contagious.

Are Ear Infections Contagious?

Respiratory infections are a common cause of ear infections. The underlying respiratory infection that caused the ear infection could be contagious. 

How Long Does an Eye Infection Last?

It depends on the underlying infection and other factors. Your age, prior medical history or pre-existing conditions may lengthen an infection. Some people may recover quickly while others take longer.

How Long Does an Ear Infection Last?

As we state above, ear infections often appear shortly after developing a respiratory infection. Like with eye infections, how long it takes to recover depends on the person or type of treatment involved.

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