How Our Urgent Care Center Helps With Sprains and Broken Bones 

Commonly the results of sports and other physical activities, bone fractures and sprains are potentially debilitating injuries. The longer it takes for you to seek treatment, the worse the injury could become and the longer it could take to heal. This is why it is important to seek out medical attention immediately if you suspect you have sustained a sprain or broken bone. 

What Is a Sprain? 

A sprain occurs when a ligament, the tissue that holds two bones together, is over-stretched or torn. These injuries can be very painful and can take a significant amount of time to heal. 

Types of Sprains 

  • A mild sprain (Grade I) can cause stiffness, swelling and minor tenderness and pain.  
  • Grade II sprains are more painful and also cause swelling and tenderness. 
  • Grade III sprains involve one or more ligaments being severely torn. These sprains can cause severe pain, swelling and bruising. Your joint may even feel wobbly after suffering this injury. 

What Is a Fracture? 

A fracture is any break sustained by a bone in your body. The type and severity of a fracture will determine its treatment and contribute to how long it takes for you to recover. An X-ray should help determine exactly what type of fracture healthcare professionals are dealing with.  

If you suspect you have suffered a bone fracture or sprain, it is important to get immediate medical attention. Most urgent care facilities can provide splinting services when it comes to non-severe breaks. If your injury is not severe, consider going to an urgent care center. These medical facilities are often less expensive than a hospital emergency room and they have shorter wait times. However, if the bone break involves bleeding or bone has punctured the skin, seek medical attention at a hospital emergency room. Such severe injuries may require surgery. 

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At California Urgent Care Center, we have X-ray machines and other equipment that help our trained staff make the right diagnosis. For your convenience, we have locations in StocktonLodi and Manteca. Medical care is just around the corner when you choose California Urgent Care Center. 

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